Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal 63 Static

I had originally thought of calling this post "traffic" as in stuck in it, as in getting-every-red-light-for-the-last-two-weeks, but all in all, it's not just the traffic in this city slowly putting me into a tailspin of frustration, it's the static in my head, too.
List-making. I resort to it now.
Not Great:
The 90-minute drive into work yesterday (it's about 25 odd km to get to my office. I know. I KNOW). There was an accident on the 404 Northbound (that's what the DVP is called north of the 401.). It basically shut down the highway. I exited, smartly, fuming, at Don Mills. Guess what was broken down in the bus lane? Got it.
In other news I've started using the bus lane as my own personal Route 66. Hear this lawmakers: I don't give a fuck, I HAVE TO GET TO WORK.

The 2 plus hour drive home from a lovely client's in Mississauga. A Jays game, a pre-season Leaf game, and a Toronto FC game. Here's a tip people: WATCH IT ON TV. Everyone and their mother driving south on the 427. I exited onto the Queensway after hearing a female traffic reporter say "the Gardiner to get into the city is so clogged, there's no accident, I can't figure it out". Huge huge eye roll.

My crampy run this morning. After bragging to Mike about how losing that 5 extra lbs has freed me from alot of leg cramps, that came back to bite me.
In other running news, I have two brand new running tops, one white, one bright pink, from Target. Can't find either of them. I know they are here. Just.....on hiatus. Along with alot of other
items. Note; I live in a one bedroom condo. Usually it's quite neat. WHERE DOES MY STUFF GO?

Neatness: my bathroom needs cleaning, really, the floor. It's my hair. It's everywhere. My friend L. constantly berates me about this. When we were on vacation in 2008 in St. Maarten she couldn't believe it. I know. I also need a haircut. Am getting on Saturday. Three months overdue I'd say.
What can I say? I've talked about my time management skills due to recent events. They are gone. Vacation kind of helped but also hindered. Now I'm distracted as well as being disorganized.

My nails won't grow/don't grow. I give up.

I've had a headache all day.


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