Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maine Part 5

A post dedicated to the 'creatures' from my trip to Maine...

More mermaids. This is an ice cream shoppe. Here in Toronto no one thinks of putting whimsical creatures on the sides of buildings. We're too busy trying to get the next cab and grab a drink before last call. We're too stressed to notice even if someone did decorate a building like this. I loved these happy child-mermaids. They looked so joyful.

Christmas in September...well, not really. This was a Christmas decoration I found in Mike's basement while we were doing laundry. It was really meant to be standing up or hung on a wall, but it was lying on its back, opening up all sorts of possibilities for...rude comments. At the pizza party we had last week, one of the activities was to imitate that captioning the cartoon contest the New Yorker holds every week on the back page of the magazine. So we handed out pens and paper and everyone came up with something.....I'll leave that to your imagination.

Gulls the size of small labradors, I kid you not, Toronto has nothing on the size of these birds. While you are swimming, they like to 'investigate' your unattended belongings. They also have funny mating rituals, of which Mike and I laughed about endlessly. While others tried to get seagull-free photos, we went out of our way to get shots of the birds.

This was on sale at L.L. Bean, known to NE'ers everywhere as "Beans" (the store, not the outfit). I had a moment of absolute hilarity when I saw this, thinking of the Halloween possibilities. I was in tears laughing. Mike's friends were non-plussed hearing this tale and seeing this photo. Nothing new to them!

Thing 1 enjoyed his time in Maine. We meant to take him out to a 'mini lighthouse' and make the kids think he had grown 'giant' but we ran out of time. The running joke with my niece is that every single time she comes over, without fail, she asks "Where is Thing 2?" (because they travel in pairs, they are identical twins or something. When I was a newly-minted Auntie I didn't know this. So I only bought one. Oh God. I hope I find Thing 2 soon). I change my answer to my niece's question depending on my mood.
Serious: "Auntie didn't know there was a Thing 2 sweetie."
Playful: "He ran off! Woke up and he had left a note saying he was going exploring".
(she doesn't believe this one).

Another great gull shot...he was perched on the chimney of this building on Cape Elizabeth and then came swooping toward me. Lucky shot, I know.

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