Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maine Part 2

This time in Maine, I've been able to really soak up the sights, the sounds, and see the landscape more than my other two visits.

This is a house that I've run by approximately 15 times...just noticed this garage yesterday as I limped back from the end of my run, as my right foot was in pain. I love that someone took the time to do this to their little house.

People in New England love the expression "wicked". I spotted this sign with M. and we were both in stitches. In a bar when we were in Boston we heard a girl, with her Massachusetts accent, say wicked in a sentence, describing something she bought at Marshalls (pronounced in Boston as "Mahshalls"). Wicked.

Old Orchard Beach with its rides--this is on the ferris wheel, seeing things how the birds see them, from up high.

Hanging out with Mike and his friends. Last night we had a grilled pizza party....amazing.

Driving to Portland, and then on to Freeport to the outlets.

More from the pizza party.

Amazing meals. I'm eating and sleeping like I haven't in months.

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