Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal 63 Static II

Now for the Great:


Walking in the rain, turning off my ipod and just listening to the rain, the cars splashing through it, the sky darkening around 730 pm.....I won't lie. I pretended it was April, early spring instead of early fall. The half-naked trees played along.

Starbucks coffee on sale at Dominion (Metro-I will always call it Dominion).

The guilty pleasure of Real Housewives (although most of them are divorced..hmm. Wives?)

Speaking of Wives, reading Katrina Onstad in the Saturday Globe (I just read it today, and loved every word, especially as a newly-engaged). Here--I give you the link.


More about walking in the rain, and more about my engagement--pause for shameful moment here--I love walking in the rain even more now, holding my umbrella with my left hand.
Again. Sorry.

Making dinner with the blinds open, but no light coming in--just the clouds, the buildings in my city view obliterated by the foggy dark.

Daily writing. No matter how I feel.

beautiful photo by SJackson

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