Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Journal 48 Spirit at Work

Just a short post.
En route to my therapist's office today, pre-thick-Toronto-rush-hour-traffic.
I missed my exit off the parkway due to the ineptitude of another driver.
For some reason, I was thinking about this song I hadn't heard in years, Good Times by Tom Cochrane.
After I missed my exit I had to get off at the next one and double back to make it to my therapist's office, crossing the Bloor viaduct, the well-worn path I run over so much.
As I crossed the bridge, listening to Kim Mitchell's radio show on Q107, I heard the opening bars.
I was...incredulous. It's never on the air. It's not even on iTunes (I checked).
The song flowed on, its lyrics washing over me, as I sobbed in the car....
Nothing that important, probably, to most people listening to the radio at that time, this song. But to me, it felt like I'd just been handed an significant, longed-for gift.
Oddly, the song continued as I drove on to my therapist's office, re-tracing my steps, drying my tears, as to keep up appearances (insane) as I continued to drive.

"Funny how you look back on those times we had, remember all the good ones, forget about all the bad..."

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