Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Journal 45 Harsh?

I truly do love my family, all of them, original and extended, and I do think that some of what I've written in June, albeit from a place of deep grief and huge fear (of the unknown. of everything) could have been viewed as harsh.
I was re-reading Seething Sunday ( I took it down for now ) because, in tracking my stats, noticed
it being viewed. It was written the day before my father died, when I was ...let's just say, having a hard time.
But I had to be honest, for myself, to myself, for my family, for my mother and my sister, although these are my views, on my blog, and I like to keep the focus of this blog on ideas and concepts, my thoughts about life in general, and keep it away from dogging on others (at no time do I even approach something resembling perfection. none of us do).
But I have dogged on my beloved aunt here.
Some things still stand though, despite the love and the hope that I have; there have been lies exchanged, I don't like anyone in my life to lie to me, about little things, or big things. No, I am certainly not perfect. But lying is something I really avoid. So is manipulating situations so that I can puppet people, places, or things.
I digress.
I'm just saying (reading, feeling) that some of my posts may have been harsh. I tried to temper them with the right mix of thought, but emotion got in the way of some of that.
Am I sorry? Yes.
Was I completely wrong?

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