Thursday, July 7, 2011

Journal 38 List Making as an Alternative to Writing a Real Post

Can't explain it. This is just where I'm at right now.
I'll be creative again soon. I promise.

List 1 Top Ten Favourite Websites/Blogs (in no particular order. I'm sorry...)
10. Poem of the Day
Blog. See title. Meticulously organized. You can scroll through the list of poets and pick the person out, then all the poems are grouped together...genius.

9. Reagan's Blob I love the photos, the content, her swirly clothes, thoughts, photography and family life, but most of all I love her optimism. This is my 'go-to, feel-good' blog. But not in the ordinary way...

8. Apartment Therapy 'House' tours of people more creative with interior space than almost any designer I know, myself whole-heartedly included. My favourite are the New York apartments. What some of these people do with 600 square feet or less is amazing.

7. Tiny Buddha Visit this inspirational sight, and sign up for their daily email. You can thank me later.

6. Sheye Rosemeyer If this talented woman were to write a book, I would want to edit it, and I would title it "Through the Eyes of"......photographs and pink fonts...almost 'other-wordly'.

5. Landing on Cloudy Water Described as a 'nature' blog. Midwestern and I love it. And I want to know how these bloggers get their photos to look so stunning on their blogs...

4. One Girl and her Ipod The energy, the Scottish-ness, the fun of it all.

3. Gerard I go here when I want to visit an old friend and remember that sometimes, sadly, life is far, far too short. Listen to some music, remember his friendly face, time travel a bit.
2. Anything to save me from physically having to GO to an actual Indigo store, wait in line, listen to half-wits 'discuss' books and bear witness to just what is getting published out there today. At least with Amazon I get real recommendations, and can browse with interest. And if Amazon disappoints me I go to the library. For real. Dewey Decimals and all..

1. Mama Pundit Katie Granju is an American journalist. Calling this a "mom blog" is really not fitting--it is so so much more.

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