Thursday, June 2, 2011

Journal 28 Dreams and Heroes

Sometimes you just need new ones.

The dreams part I rely on nightly; anything else seems so far off right now, mired in ferrying myself back and from my parents' house, noticing how I zone out during parts of the drive.
I remember my dreams, for the most part, and examine them at length, were they 'visit' dreams, or were they dreams that were vying to give me vital information that my brain doesn't get to on a daily basis?
As I said today, last night was the first time, after eighteen months of running outside, that I dreamed about running. It's never happened before, and I was in a coffee shop, dodging people as I ran.
Dreaming is exploration, and I feel that way about running too. After discovering an amazing blog written by an amazing woman named Reagan, whose writing I instantly warmed to, whose life story this far could have brought some to their knees, finding out she was also a life-long runner was like the icing on the cake.
Which brings me to the heroes part of this post.
I also discovered (four years into my vow of not reading a newspaper anymore, after current events started to stress me out more than I could bear) a columnist, Ben, who writes a column about running. Another amazing writer. I instantly fell under his spell as I read about my favourite pastime.
So far, two new heroes.
Heroes inspire dreams, and like dreams, they sometimes 'find' you.

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