Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Toronto Sky in Winter

 I worked from home today, sandwiched between downtown meetings and drugstore runnings (stomach flu abated, then came back for another round) and as I hurriedly worked and  swigged tea, firing off emails and doing calculations and scratching out reminder notes to myself, toward the end of the workday the absence of coffee made sense to me.

I snapped these with my iPhone outside the window of  my loft, the frigid day giving the clouds a look of being suspended in time, as well as the buildings being on fire.


 As previous posts have alluded to, it's
been a long cold lonely winter.
(I had to. And to be fair, the sun
 DID come out today, offering no
real warmth, just a cruel bright
glare bouncing
off the white expanse of
concrete bleached by
salt, my car a colour
I don't recognize.)

I'm normally a very "winter"
person, loving the cold weather
running and all that but this
has been....
a long month.

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