Saturday, September 15, 2012


Yea, that's him, in a crazy photo his sister 'posed' him in.
He looks funny to me without his glasses.
I love that he is carrying a whole bunch of essentials.
I assume this must be (one of) the night(s) he lost his wedding ring.
Ah well, all is good.
He found it.
He's dextrous (it's hard to carry all that!).

I just saw him...last week as a matter of fact.

It doesn't dull the pain of being away, but it assauges it slightly.
Ever so slightly.
I trek through the immigration paperwork, tell myself "I can do this" (my personal mantra, yea, you'll be hearing it aLot).

And I can.
I will.
I bring you all his unstudied, unsung glory.
I love you.

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