Saturday, August 18, 2012

80s Playlist

Because it's Saturday.
Because I'm a smidge hungover (early birthday dinner last night with my two best friends. Yes, there are photos. I'll dig them up at some point).
Because I'm 3 work-days away from vacation.
Because I'll always love 80s (guilty pleasure!) music.
Because you want to know what's on it, I know you do.

Here it is (I may even run to it today):

1. Self-Control--Laura Branigan (reminds me of my twenties, when I had none. Self Control that is.)
2. Big in Japan--Alphaville (most people know "Forever Young". Big in Japan is a pop-y, wake-up song. Choppy background).
3. Edge of Heaven--Wham. Laugh if you will. Wham was my whole life in the 80s.
4. Hey Mickey--Tony Basil. Great workout song. Remember that video?
5. Love is a Battlefield--Pat Benetar (life is a battlefield too).
6. What is Love? --Howard Jones I never get tired of this one.
7. Turn to the Sky--March Violets. Extra points if you know what movie soundtrack this is from..
8. Personal Jesus. I wish I still had the black Violator t-shirt I had from their 1988 CNE Grandstand show. Yes. I was there. I was fifteen. I was a bit mod-ish. My mom called my outfit "obscene" as I left the house. My dad said it was fine. (it was a short black flared skirt, a long-sleeved white top, a swing-out-sister haircut, and black knee socks. In short: it rocked).
9. Lips Like Sugar--Echo and the Bunnymen (I love Coldplay's cover of this.)
10. Bang a Gong--Power Station
11. Cruel Summer--Bananrama
12. Let's Go Crazy--Prince
13. Just Like Heaven--Cure
14. Love My Way--Furs
15. Original Sin--INXS
16. Nowhere Girl--B Moive (love this song--I used to stream internet radio at work, and this was from a station run by "Java Jane" who was 80s OBSESSED. She was amazing...)
17. There Is A Light that Never Goes Out--Smiths ('take me out...tonight.....')
18. Black Metallic--Catherine Wheel
19. Planet Earth--Duran Duran
20. Sweetest Taboo--Sade (my mom calls her "sad" as in pronounces her name like that...)
21. Don't You Forget About Me--Simple Minds
22. Is Your Love Strong Enough?--Bryan Ferry&Roxy Music
23. Candy--Iggy Pop
24. It's My Life--Talk Talk (my friend L.'s theme song)
25. Money Changes Everything--Cyndi Lauper
26. Mirror in the Bathroom--English Beat
27. I'm So in Love with You--Erasure
28. Is it Like Today?--World Party
29. This Monkey's Gone to Heaven--Pixies
30. Dead Man's Party--Oingo Boingo

All right, rounding it out at thirty (there are ALOT more)...
Enjoy your Saturday.
It's a beautiful day.

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