Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Past is Over

I read this phrase on a Louise Hay "Power Thought" card.
Wonderful thing, isn't it, sometimes? Especially when the relationship you thought was 'the one' pulls the rug out.

Before you roll your eyes (I would have, years ago), this is not nearly as new-agey as it sounds.
I'm not going to regale you with tales of why I'm glad 'the past is over'. I'm just going to make a list of reasons why. Some you might relate to; some only apply to me. As Madonna said, so sagely "this is my religion"....My blog. My therapy.

1) You never have to live that bad day over again. Ever. You can go there in your head, you can re-create the pain, you can make yourself feel it, those miserable sensations; but you never ever have to physically experience the shock, the cold dawning of a realization, the utter devestation of that particular day again.
2) You can let it go. It's not easy. You don't have to let all of it go. But you can let go of some of it.
3) Those torturous memories, the happy ones, when you had fun together, when you roller-blade, buy furniture, spend time with each others' families--they can recede. They won't happen again. And one day, you won't think about them anymore (you'll focus on the names he called you, how he tried to drag you down, how he attacked your soul.)
4) You're free. I am, anyway. I don't feel it every day, but I feel it when it counts.
5) It's a new day. It's a new life. Every Single Day.
6) You can smile sardonically at young love. No, you're not bitter. You're a grown up. You know how it goes.
7) SSB. See previous post. I'm still enjoying the little things about what I missed most about living alone--like putting music on in the morning. Like leaving my clothes all over the laundry room. Like always knowing where I put something, because no one's moved it. How nice it is to not live with a hoarder anymore. The lifting of negative energy. The pure silence of no TV. Not having to dread football season. No one snoring in the bed beside me, ruining my rest.
8) Ok, so I was at a party on Saturday night and my friend's husband, after I went on about recent occurances in my personal life, said to my friend "Wow. She HATES men". My friend, (rock on...) replied "Wouldn't you?" So, number 8 is: getting over the hate and the anger.
9) Three Words: Break Up Diet. I didn't even weigh this in my TWENTIES.
10) The Future is Waiting.

Happy Monday.

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