Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Know Who You Are

I'm getting food down without it coming back up.
I'm down to one pill a day, not two (most days).
I'm no longer having coffee for lunch, nerves jangling in time
to the keystrokes of my computer keyboard.
I am still running 10 km on Saturday mornings, splitting
up the rest of the remaining 10 km on various days of the

I am holding my head a bit higher, but watching where I step.
I'm holding onto my heart a bit tighter.
I'm not wallowing in thoughts that make the hurt worse.
I'm calling friends again, but
No one's had to come over to my loft and pull me out of bed.
I am creative and functioning at work.
I have taken some time off from commitments I can no longer fulfil right now.

I have experienced extremely cruel behaviour at the hands of someone I loved,
who supposedly loved me.
But, tenfold, thousandth-fold-- I have seen goodness and kindness from others
Towards me.
I have had friends cry along with me.
I've accepted hugs, and offers to talk about it, and I've peeled away some layers.
And taken a good long hard look at how damn lucky I truly am.

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