Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alone (Down) Time

Once coined as a clever acronym, "SSB" stands for Secret Single Behaviour.
Not so much! Here is my life, distilled in my alone-time for things I do (and enjoy doing)
now that I live alone again:

1. leave my make-up out on my bathroom counter. all the time. forever. or until someone comes over and I clean it up, put it away on a shelf, to make it look like I have a clear, uncluttered bathroom counter.
2. ditto to my nail polish collection. which is much larger than anyone might imagine.
3. leave my undergarments all over my bedroom floor. they also spill out of drawers.
4. leave flip-flops everywhere. everywhere.
5. have chardonnay for dinner.
6. blare my ipod to a decibel level that most likely deafens my neighbours.
7. suntan on my rooftop deck for hours at a time on the weekend while my floors wait to be cleaned.
8. keep my fridge one level above empty. I am a confirmed bachlorette. I have every type of condiment, hot sauce, and salad dressing ever made. And no food in the fridge to put them on.
9. organize my books on my bookshelf by colour (the shame. THE SHAME).
10. leave my bed unmade. i quote the credo i have used my entire life "why make it when you're just going to sleep in it again that night?"

Realizing that my alone-time, Phase 2, takes some adjustment, I am letting my normally neat Virgo self indulge some of these whimsical, messy habits. They just seem to work....I can pick up where I left off at the end of the day, without coming home to anyone having moved a crucial piece of (weeks old) mail, or wondering where is Black Cardigan # 3, or what I did with the last crumbs at the bottom of the chip bag.
Stay tuned for more weird behaviour.

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