Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Allowing for artistic perspective when drawing (living?)

Allowing for the appearance of objects (situations?) at a distance from myself.
That's what I've been focussing on lately.
As in, Looking. At things. In my life, in my world, in my thoughts, in my orbit.
Really looking at them.

Before the Dutch painters 'discovered' perspective, everything in a painting was flat and on the same plane. But some things come ahead of others, some things stand out. They are closer, they are impossible to be objective about.

It's been a rough week; very psychologically unforgiving, very emotionally challenging, alot of activity (strife?).
Cold and dark, outside and sometimes inside. I haven't been nearly as positive as I'd like to be, or nearly as grateful as I should be.

Thinking about others in my life and their struggles reminds me to use perspective.
Listening to what they are saying, and especially to what they are not saying reminds me to use perspective.

I need to keep things in measured assessment, because I've realized that when I look back I only see how lucky/loved I've always been. I don't remember all the bad things and the times that pushed me to my limit.

Life goes in cycles, short ones, sometimes in just a few weeks things turn right around, other times-interminable ones.
I'm going day-by-day as to what this cycle has in store for me.

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