Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas List--The Year That Was

Love (for my family, for M, for my friends)

Family and
my niece and nephew (for making this year more than liveable even in the darkest corners)

Friends (for stepping in when I needed them most)

Freedom (to walk away and make a new start)

Health (to support others in their time of need)

Strength (everything that has happened this year and imprinted on
my soul gave me extra compassion, sharpened my senses, and allowed
me to get to know myself better)

Travel (so I could remember how to be happy)

Visitors (for making the journey to me and enriching my life)

Birthdays (and the people I love celebrating them)

Aging (may life be long)

Working (to lose myself in when I needed structure most)

Lying in bed listening to the rain (when M is beside me it's that much better)

Talking on the phone (to M, to my sister, to my mom, to my aunt, to A, L, T, and N....)

Prayer (for helping me keep faith)

Books (to let me escape and dream)

Words (so I could say exactly what I needed to--both aloud and here on this blog)

Conversation (to reflect and think)

Memories (if I could remember how to laugh, I could do it again)

Learning (more about myself)

Calm (to not act in the heat of the moment)

Coffee (I get tired too)

Facing reality (sometimes things just don't work out. and that's ok. in fact it's more than
ok. it's amazing. a new opportunity awaits..)

Security (and then the lack of)

Safety (preservation of self. not absence of risk)

Good advice (thank you thank you thank you)

New things (I will adapt)

Comfort (and joy...)

Honesty (trust life)

Merry Christmas