Wednesday, May 22, 2013


(And I don't want to be)....
I would rather be sleeping...( this, I think, would make a great bumper sticker).
It was a bummer of a day, tough one at work.
I came home, skipped yoga, did not pass Go, went right to pajamas, and potatoes,
and bad tv.
Boston won their game vs. NY. My husband is happy.
Now I'm cruising twitter, drinking room-temperature water, dream-dissecting, and
looking out the window at the fog lolling about the city 'scrapers. And looking at my
holds on the TPL site.
I commented on my friend Julia's blog last week about the sleep-miracle of melatonin.
And it is amazing-it's just that sometimes the toughest work problems and life problems
will still invade one's sleep.
It's 4am.
Quiet, inviting, and all-in-the-moment.

Work is hard right now, life is a bit tricky.
Running has been challenging as all hell.
Winter weight is holding on for dear life.
Wine seems like a good idea at the time.
Writing is not happening.
My head gave me a headache-versary.

But I'm persevering.
I guess that is the hope portion of the program.

Alright, getting a bit bleary-eyed.

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