Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dry Your Eyes Sunday Girl

Most of my downtime, as you can see from my postings, happens on Sundays. They are a lazy-ish day, even for me, and i am not the "sit on the couch and do nothing" type.
They used to be a bit more fun, let me explain.
About a year and a half ago, my dear friend Lauren moved to NYC. She was my ultimate Sunday Girl partner. We coined the term from the fantastic song by Blondie, and how we spent Sundays together (as fellow never-been-married-no-kids-in-the-forecast) varied only according to weather. Rainy days meant scrapbooking inside, organizing photos while heating up frozen pizza, swigging back wine, and baking cookies. Nice day out? Buying flowers on Avenue Road, sunning ourselves on the rooftop of my building, or lunch out on a patio, usually the Bedford pub.
We appreciated the same laid-back approach to the day--not rushing about doing errands, in the traffic snarl of downtown Sunday, but a more relaxed vibe that let the day stretch out.
Sundays in 2009 usually involve a serious workout and no lazy morning. It's a trade-off. I need to work out alot to allow myself the caloric intake i love. Now, at 35, I need to maintain and energize, and the work-outs give me that. Then, maybe a tan, lunch with my sister, and then laundry and cleaning. Not alot of time for soul searching. Then, as I've written about before, I focus on Monday worrying. Why can't I space out my creative times through out the week? I have a demanding job, and after taking care of errands, food shopping, proper meal cooking, and my never ending commute--there is not alot of evening time left. The need to set realistic goals in terms of weeknights is imperative. Ahh a goal. Something I can work toward. ...

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